Animal Welfare Policy

July 2022

Pornhub is a content-hosting and sharing platform for consenting adult use and entertainment only. At Pornhub, we denounce the involvement in any way of animals in any abusive and/or sexual context.

That is why all forms of animal* abuse and cruelty, whether physical or psychological is prohibited. More specifically, we don’t allow any visual or written content involving animal abuse, including “crushing.” We also prohibit content that involves or advocates for the sexual exploitation of animals, including as the object of sexual interest, and/or contact with an animal for a sexual purpose, including “bestiality.”

Refer to our guideline below for some practical examples of what we do NOT allow on Pornhub.

* For the purposes of the present guideline, 'animal' is considered to be any actual, true, or realistic representation or depiction (including animated) non-human animal.


The following guidelines apply to audio, written, and visual, as well as actual, simulated, and animated content 

Do NOT post any content (including animated) that features, depicts, advocates for, or promotes:

  • Any sexual act or contact in sexual context, between a human and an animal, whether visual, verbal, or written.
  • Placement of animals by humans within cruel or unusual confinement, regardless of the presence of humans.
  • The depiction or appearance of emotional distress caused to an animal by a human.
  • Forcing animals into an act (violent or sexual) with a human or other animal.
  • Sexual arousal by, from, or with animals, whether visual, verbal, or written. 
  • Sexual activity while in proximity of an animal where the animal appears to be the primary focus and/or the object of arousal for the individual(s).
  • Subjecting animals to any type of bodily harm.
  • Animal and insect crushing.

We are steadfast in our commitment to protecting the safety of our users. As a user-generated content hosting platform, Pornhub relies on technology, our team of human moderators, and our wider community of users to help identify violative content.

  24/7 Human Moderation Team

Our team of moderators and support staff work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to review all uploaded content for violations of our Terms of Service, and address user concerns, and remove all content that we identify or which we are made aware of and deem as violating our policies and/or Terms of Service

  Community Oversight and Detection

If you come across content, users, or comments that you think may violate this policy or otherwise be harmful for the community, you may flag this content to us for review. 

  Automated Tools

Content that is identified and removed for violating our Animal Welfare policy may be digitally fingerprinted using both the MediaWise® service from Vobile® and Safeguard, our own proprietary digital fingerprinting software. Digitally fingerprinting unauthorized content serves as an added layer of protection against further distribution of the content on our platform.

Consequences for Violating this Policy 

In all cases where we identify or are made aware of content that may violate our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, our dedicated team works swiftly to review and remove any violative content.

Depending on the findings, our team may also:

  • Utilize sophisticated industry-standard tools to fingerprint the content in question in order to block potential future uploads of the same content to our sites; AND
  • Suspend or permanently terminate the associated user’s account, where appropriate.
How Can You Help Us?

If you believe you have come across content that may otherwise violate our Terms of Service reach out to us at or, if you’re signed into your Pornhub account, you can alert us by flagging the content for our review.

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