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Achievement Awards 


Being part of the Model Program gives you creative freedom to manage your own content.

This includes interacting with your fans and uploading as frequently as you like.

We know how much work goes into building your account, so we have created our own Model Achievement Awards for those of you who have outdone yourselves!

Once a week, our team reviews all accounts that have hit subscriber milestones. We then contact each Model to claim their prize. 

Model Achievement Awards

Model Achievement Awards are based on the number of subscribers you have accumulated since joining the Model Program. Here is a breakdown of what is included for each milestone:

*Please note that couple accounts will receive a Gift Card with a higher amount to accommodate both Models.



How To Receive Your Achievement Award

Once you reach a milestone, you will receive an email with a form to fill out. Be sure the email that the associated with your account is accurate and up to date. If you would like to change it, contact our Model Support Team.

The Form

The form is addressed to your username — please do not edit or change that. Our team uses that information to identify your account.

In the form you will need to provide your legal name, address, and clothing sizes (unisex sizing is used). The form must be filled out using alphanumeric characters.

There is a designated spot in the form where you can put your preferred shipping name for the mailing label. What you write under “Full Name” is what will appear on the package. If you do not want your legal name to appear on the package, please make sure you are aware of your local post office’s requirements to claim undelivered parcels. Some countries will not allow you to claim a package if you cannot provide a government-issued photo ID that matches the name on the package.

The shipping package is discrete and will not have the name “Pornhub” on it.

The Varsity Letterman Jacket is reserved for Models only. This item is not for sale. They are earned after reaching 50K subscribers. It may take up to 2-3 months to arrive since each one is custom made.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards are redeemable at You will receive a coupon code by email to use at checkout. Additionally, you will receive a free shipping code to use at checkout and you can apply both codes in the same transaction.

If you decide to use less than the Gift Card amount, you can use the balance on a future purchase.

If you decide to use more than the Gift Card amount, you will need to input credit card information to pay for the balance.

For more information on Gift Cards, please refer to our Gift Card FAQ.

Monthly and Annual Awards

Being an active member of the Model Program makes you eligible to win Monthly Awards and Annual Awards!

We currently give out 5 awards per month and 5 annual awards to Models. Additionally, we also give out 10 prizes for the Top 10 Videos of the Month and 10 prizes for the Top 10 Videos of the Year. 

Awards are chosen based on performance metrics such as Model rank, earnings, video uploads, and other user-engagement metrics to determine overall popularity on our site. 

Amateur Models can only win Amateur Awards, whereas Professional Models can only win Professional Awards. For PornhubGay Models, Amateurs and Professionals are both eligible for their respective Awards.

Only Models who have won Model of the Month are eligible to win Model of the Year. For example, a Model who has won Amateur Model of the Month can win Amateur Model of the Year. The same rule applies to Newcomers of the Year. 

The Newcomer of the Month Award is only open to Models who have joined the Model Program in the past 6 months and can only be won once. 

Monthly Awards

Yearly Awards

Top 10 Videos of the Month

Videos with the most views during the month (regardless of model type)

Top 10 Videos of the Year

Videos with the highest view count over the course of the past year (regardless of model type). Open to all videos -- no need to have previously won video of the month.

Winners are announced monthly on the Pornhub Blog and on our @PornhubHelp X/Twitter account. Check out the Hall of Fame for a list of our previous winners.

Not sure if you are Professional or Amateur? Check out our suggestions and how to change your account type



Being part of the Model Program makes you eligible to enter our monthly Viewers' Choice contest.



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