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June 2024

Pornhub prides itself on being a safe space for our creators and users to upload and consume adult content. We take a number of steps to help protect the safety of our community and integrity of our platform, which is achieved in part by ensuring that all content that is uploaded to our platform adheres to our Terms of Service.

To help our users understand what is and what is not allowed on our platform, we have summarized our Terms of Service and related policies below. That summary is not an exhaustive list. Our policies discuss prohibited content in more detail, and we ask our creators and users to read all linked policies.

Prohibited Content

Please see an overview of what is not allowed on Pornhub. These guidelines apply to audio, written, and visual content, as well as actual, simulated, and animated content.  Do not post content that:

Is Illegal, such that the content:

    • Depicts, promotes, or advocates for illegal activity of any kind.
    • Depicts children, which is defined as any individual under the age of 18 per our child sexual abuse material policy.
    • Constitutes or promotes any form of human trafficking, including sex trafficking.
    • Involves animal cruelty, including bestiality.
    • Involves death, snuff, torture, violence, or the exploitation of a corpse.

Is Non-consensual, including content that:

    • Depicts non-consensual acts, or the recording or distribution of intimate content without consent.
    • Depicts an individual’s likeness without their consent (including "deepfakes" or other forms of AI-generated or manipulated content).
    • Exposes private and identifying information about a particular individual (“doxing”).

Harms or may cause harm to individuals. This is considered content that:   

    • Harasses, bullies, or threatens or encourages others to do so.
    • Constitutes hate speech or inflammatory content, including violent extremism or political provocation.
    • Depicts, glorifies, encourages, promotes, or supports terrorism or violent extremist actors or acts.
    • Glorifies, promotes, or depicts acts of self-harm or suicide.
    • Glorifies or promotes eating disorders. 

Is inauthentic or is an unauthorized use of the platform, including content that:

Is otherwise unacceptable on Pornhub, including content that:

    • Promotes or arranges sexual services in exchange for money or goods.
    • Depicts, role-plays, or implies incest.
    • Involves feces of any kind or vomit with solid contents. 
    • Involves the use of certain drugs, or performers whose capacity to consent has been impeded by the use of drugs.   
    • Reacts to or tributes source content that has not been uploaded to Pornhub, or reacts to or tributes to more than one piece of content.
    • Features a sponsored product which offers or promotes illegal activity. 
    • Involves AI-generated content that is used in a realistic manner to alter the speech or behavior of the individual(s) depicted or any alterations to the individual(s) depicted which otherwise violate these guidelines.
    • Encourages conduct that would be considered a criminal offense, would give rise to civil liability, violate any law, or is otherwise inappropriate.

*This serves as an indicative list and does not constitute an exhaustive list. For the full description, please review our Terms of Service, under the section entitled, Prohibited Uses. Pornhub reserves the right at all times to determine whether content is appropriate for our platform and in compliance with our terms of service, and may remove any content at any time, without prior notice and in its sole discretion, if such content is found to be in violation of our Terms of Service, is otherwise objectionable or considered inappropriate for our platform.


We are steadfast in our commitment to protecting the safety of our users. As a content sharing platform, Pornhub relies on technology, our team of human moderators, and our wider community of users to help identify violative content.

 24/7 Human Moderation Team

Our team of moderators and support staff work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to review all uploaded content for violations of our Terms of Service, address user concerns, and remove all content that we identify or which we are made aware of and deem as violating our policies and/or Terms of Service

 Community Oversight and Detection

If you come across content, users, or comments that you think may violate these guidelines or otherwise be harmful for the community, you may flag this content to us for review. Content may also be reported to us via our Content Removal Request form. 

 Automated Tools

In conjunction with our team of human moderators and regular audits of our platform, we also rely on innovative industry-standard technical tools to assist in identifying, reporting, and removing illegal and abusive content from our platform.

These technologies include:

    • Youtube’s CSAI Match, a tool that assists in identifying known child sex abuse videos
    • Microsoft’s PhotoDNA, a tool that aids in detecting and removing known images of child sexual abuse
    • Google's Content Safety API, a cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) tool that scores and prioritizes content based on the likelihood of illegal imagery to assist reviewers in detecting unknown CSAM
    • Safer, Thorn's comprehensive CSAM detection tool utilized to keep platforms free of abusive material
    • Instant Image Identifier – The Centre for Expertise on Online Sexual Child Abuse (Offlimits) tool, commissioned by the European Commission, detects known child abuse imagery using a triple verified database.
    • MediaWise® service from Vobile®, a state-of-the-art fingerprinting software and database, which scans all new user uploads to help prevent previously identified offending content from being re-uploaded.
    • NCMEC Hash Sharing - NCMEC’s database of known CSAM hashes, including hashes submitted by individuals who fingerprinted their own underage content via NCMEC’s Take It Down service. 
    • Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) Hash List – IWF’s database of known CSAM, sourced from hotline reports and the UK Home Office’s Child Abuse Image Database.
    • A global initiative (developed by Meta & SWGfL) that prevents the spread of non-consensual intimate images (NCII) online. If any adult (18+) is concerned about their intimate images (or videos) being shared online without consent, they can create a digital fingerprint of their own material and prevent it from being shared across participating platforms. 
    • Safeguard – our proprietary image fingerprinting and recognition technology designed with the purpose of combatting both child sexual abuse imagery and the distribution of non-consensual intimate images, and to help prevent the re-uploading of that content to our platform.
    • Age Estimation – We also utilize age estimation capabilities to analyze content uploaded to our platform using a combination of internal proprietary software and external technology in an effort to strengthen the varying methods we use to prevent the upload and publication of potential or actual CSAM.

Together, these tools play a fundamental role in our shared fight against the dissemination of abusive content on our platform.

Consequences for Violating these Guidelines

We are steadfast in our commitment to protecting the safety of our users. As a content sharing platform, Pornhub relies on technology, our team of human moderators, and our wider community of users to help identify violative content.

Where we identify or are made aware of content that may violate our Terms of Service and/or Community Guidelines, our dedicated team works swiftly to review and remove any violative content.

Depending on the findings, our team may also:

    • Utilize sophisticated industry-standard tools to fingerprint the content in question to block future uploads of the same content to our sites
    • Suspend or permanently terminate the associated user’s account, where appropriate

In addition to the above, if content violates our child sexual abuse material policy, it will be reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).



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