What Co-Performer Verification Tools are Available?

When you upload a new video that features a Co-Performer, it is now mandatory to verify their identity before the video can be published. Unverified Co-Performers will cause new videos to remain in a pending moderation status.

You can do this in your Core Settings under the Co-Performers tab by clicking "Add New Co-Performer."

There are 4 methods to verify your Co-Performers:

Core Settings 

1) Upload Photo + ID

You will need to upload a verification picture of your Co-Performer holding up their own ID. Next, you will need to upload clear photos of the front and back of their government-issued photo ID. Please note, these cannot be screenshots. 

2) Livescan IDs + Face

Your Co-Performer is required to be physically present to complete this step. We recommend you use this method for couple accounts. First, your Co-Performer will have to do a live face scan. Next, your Co-Performer will hold up the front and back of their ID toward the camera to scan and take photos. 

3) Send eSignature Link 

You will send your Co-Performer a secure single-use link. They will do a live face scan verification and then hold the front and back of their ID to the camera to scan and take photos. Then, they will eSign a release form.

4) Identification + Release Form Package

Your Co-Performer will not need to be physically present for this step. Instead, you will upload clear images of the Co-Performer's ID (minimum 1, maximum 5). Then, you will upload a Release Form signed by your Co-Performer. Finally, you can upload any additional documentation files, such as a photo of your Co-Performer holding their ID.


Please see our article on Working with Co-Performers for step-by-step instructions on how to use our verification tools. 

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