How do I upload videos?

After logging into your account navigate to the top of the page. Click on the “upload” button located next to the search bar.


On the next page, you will be presented with the option of uploading either videos or photos. Click on “Upload Videos”.


In order to get an upload started, you can either drag and drop the video file into the window, or click on the “Select videos to upload” button to navigate your device and select your videos.

Once your videos have started to upload, you will see the progress bar begin to fill up and you can get started on formatting your video!

*Remember to check off the “Premium Viewshare Scene” box if the video is a full length HD scene meant for Viewshare.



You can now Upload to our three tubes (Pornhub, YouPorn and Redtube) simultaneously.

Select “Pornhub Network” through the Pornhub upload interface. The system will let you know whether the channel being uploaded to has a corresponding counterpart on YouPorn and/or Redtube. Once selected, upload your video as you normally would. That video will be automatically uploaded to YouPorn and Redtube!

 If for any reason the Pornhub channel to which you are uploading does not have a matching counterpart on YouPorn and/or Redtube, please reach out to your account representative or write us at to create the missing channels before starting multi-tube uploads.

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