Uploading Videos

Uploading Videos
  • The more videos you have , the more opportunities you have to earn in the Model Payment Program. 
  • For best results, upload 1 new video per week, or a minimum of 2 videos per month to have a consistent presence on the site and a robust library of content.
  • Uploading consistently helps build a strong fanbase that will routinely come back and check for your new content.
  • Write a post on your feed when uploading so your fans know what's coming out soon! Share your schedule with your fans on social media so they know when your latest video is available.
  • Ask your fans for feedback in regards to what content they want to see next.
Video Quality
  • Size matters! Videos over 10 minutes are more likely to get featured and make more $.
  • Use good lighting and a camera with decent resolution to catch all the sexy action.
  • Make sure your camera is stable and in focus!
  • Have a beginning, middle and end to your video! Videos without a cumshot/orgasm leaves the viewer unsatisfied and are less likely to get featured.
  • Users want to hear the action too, so make sure to have quality audio. 
Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratios are important to the viewers on Pornhub! As the large majority of users are viewing your videos on their phones, you should ensure to upload your content in either landscape (16:9) or portrait (9:16). 

When you film in portrait (9:16) and then edit on your computers to add in a post or pre-roll which is 16:9, then your videos won't appear the way they should on mobile devices. Instead of giving the viewer a full-screen viewing experience, they will only see a tiny box in the middle of their screen where your video is playing. This will lead users to click on a different video, and your views will drop!


Make sure to respect the correct aspect ratios when editing your content to ensure better quality content moving forward!


When filming with a phone, film in landscape if you'd like to have your video be 16:9. 
Do not start in portrait and then flip halfway through! 


YOUR VIDEO                             HOW IT WILL APPEAR ON PORNHUB


If you upload a 16:9 video             The video will fill the widescreen 16x9 player


If you upload a 4:3 video at its        The video will fill the widescreen 16x9 player
original aspect ratio


If you upload a 16:9 video at its         The Pornhub player will add pillarbox bars
original aspect ratio                           so the 4:3 video fits widescreen                                                                  




If you film in portrait and edit text on       The video will be tiny on portrait 
the sides                                                   or landscape phones



If you film in portrait and add no text         The video will play back properly 
on sides                                                      on phones in portrait



If you film in landscape                         The video will play back properly on 
                                                             phones in landscape

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