Mental Health

Pornhub is dedicated to the care, safety, and well-being of our models. That is why we also partner with Pineapple Support, an online mental health service developed specifically for adult industry models and performers.

As we know, ours can be a trying industry, with its own unique set of struggles. While stigma associated with the adult industry is slowly starting to change, we know that being a part of this community can make certain relationships, conversations and situations very complicated. It can even take a toll on your emotional health. That’s why we want help provide the resources you need to stay happy and healthy.

Pineapple Support and Pornhub share a common goal – making sure that all sex workers and porn performers have access to the care they need.

Pineapple Support provides 24/7 emotional support, meaning you’ll be able to chat anonymously, for free, with one of Pineapple’s Trained Listeners – they are specially trained to offer empathetic support, and listen to you without prejudice or stigma. Pineapple Support also provides free & subsidized emotional support and mental health care from licensed professionals to those working in the adult entertainment industry.


On March 17, 2020, Pineapple Support announced that Pornhub will renew its Gold Level sponsorship of the organization.

"'We’re incredibly thankful that Pornhub is renewing its sponsorship for another year,' said Founder Leya Tanit. 'The continued support of Pornhub and its team helps to send an extremely positive message to the adult industry that mental health is of paramount importance to all performers and models. With the help of generous sponsors like them, we can continue our work to connect anyone that needs mental health services in the industry with dedicated therapists and counselors.'" 

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