About The Community

Founded in 2007, Pornhub is the leading free, ad-supported, adult content hosting and streaming website, offering users the ability to view, share, as well as upload their own original content. It is our priority to ensure that our community remains safe, inclusive, diverse, and free from abusive and illegal content that violates our terms of service and the spirit of the Pornhub community.

As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure the safety of our users and preserve the integrity of our platform, we’ve decided to share some of our policies, and have created related guidelines. These guidelines aim to summarize the basics of our Terms of Service, what constitutes a violation of these terms, and how we tackle these violations through prevention, identification and response. We encourage all user-generated content that adheres to our Terms of Service, our Policies and Related Guidelines, and respect and reflect our Core Values: Consent, Freedom of sexual expression, Authenticity, Originality , and Diversity. Though not an exhaustive list, following these guidelines, as well as respecting and reflecting our platform values, helps ensure Pornhub remains a safe, secure, and positive space for sexual expression. 

Learn more about our Policies and Related Guidelines.



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