How To Upload Videos

How to upload videos

Uploading content to Pornhub is easy!

  • Click on the upload button (next to the search bar on desktop)
  • Choose a video to upload
  • Give your content good metadata
  • Verify that you're in the video (A). The account holder must be present in the video in order to monetize from it. 
In order for the video to be eligible for earnings, the main account holder must be in the uploaded video.


*Compilation videos are only eligible for monetization if:

  • ALL clips within the video are owned by the Model account owner. (This includes free or public images and videos.)
  • The account holder appears in each scene of the compilation video. This applies for all types of video content with the exception of animation and audio only.

Choose your Video Visibility Setting (B) - this will determine whether your video is hidden from the public (Private), free-to-view with ad revenue earnings (Public), or you can only be accessed with the direct link (Unlisted). Note that Private videos can be viewed by anyone on your friends list. 

You will need to confirm that you agree and confirm abiding to our terms of services when you upload:

We recommend uploading on a desktop to avoid connection timeouts.

Make sure you that you stay on the upload page until you see the notification indicating that your video has been uploaded successfully (C)! 

Video Specs

Basic Video Specs

  • Accepted File Formats: AVI, WMV, MP4, MPG or MOV
  • Minimum File Size: 11MB
  • Maximum File Size: 10GB
  • Optimal Frame Rate: 30-60 FPS
  • Bitrate: Min 1500 kb/s Recommended 8000 kb/s
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen
  • Video Resolution: Recommended 1920 x 1080
  • For video codecs it is preferable to use H264 or H265 for uploads

Additional VR Specs

  • Accepted File Formats: AVI, WMV, MP4, MPG or MOV
  • Projection Type:
    • Equirectangular 360, Equirectangular 180, Equidistant 180
    • 3D or 2D
    • Over-Under-LR, Over-Under-RL, Side-By-Side-LR, Side-By-Side-RL
  • Maximum File Size: 10GB
  • Optimal Frame Rate: 30-60 FPS
  • Bitrate: Min 1500 kb/s Recommended 12,000 kb/s
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen
  • Video Resolution: Recommended 2160p (1080 Per Eye)


Metadata: Making Your Content Stand Out

Metadata affects how your content will perform. Descriptive titles, accurate categories, and niche-specific tags are very important!  

How to Write a Good Title

  • A title should describe the action, performer and (if it's interesting) the location.
  • You want to entice the users to click and see what is described.
  • If you include actions in the title that do not appear in the video, users are more likely to give your content a negative rating!
  • Don't make the title too long, as users will lose interest.
  • Be creative!

Good Tags vs Bad Tags 

  • Use tags that describe the video, performers, fetish/kink (if applicable), and action.
  • Don't tag actions/things that are not present in the video as this will lead users to give you a bad rating (ex: if you use the tag 'anal', it has to be an anal scene). 
  • Tag what makes your video stand out! Was it an amazing blowjob scene? A first time anal scene? Show it off in the tags!
  • For more information and helpful tips on tags, check out our blog article


  • Using popular categories to classify your videos on the site will help your content perform better, but beware, as misuse of categories can contribute to a low rating overall.
  • You can add up to 8 categories per video. More auto categories can be added afterward. 
  • Try to use popular categories as well as niche-specific ones to ensure your content is visible to the right fans.
  • For more information and helpful tips on categories, check out our blog article

Thumbnail Image

  • Choose a thumbnail that is clear and shows sexy, enticing action.
  • Sexy thumbnail images are more likely to get clicked, which will increase your view count and speed up the feature process.
  • You can change the thumbnail of your videos in your Video Manager.
  • You also have the option to create and upload a custom thumbnail. It must be a frame from the video or a photo taken from the set during production.
  • For dos and don'ts on how to customize a good thumbnail, check out this blog article.

Action Tags

  • Once your video is done converting, you can action tag it!
  • Action tags are action specific tags that are time stamped, which will help users get to the action they want to see. Watch a video that has action tags to see how it works.
  • You can action tag your content in your Video Manager.

*All video titles, categories, and tags need to be accurate and representative of the content in all cases. Repeat infringements of misused metadata may result in removal of earnings.

Verifying All Performers in the Video

Account Holder

A video is only eligible for earnings if the main account holder is verified and featured in the uploaded video. 

Additional Performers 

Co-Performer verification is required for all Performers featured in new video uploads before it can be published. 

You can verify your Co-Performers in your Model Settings under "Pornhub Co-Performer Agreement" Co-Performer verification can be achieved by using one of our available verification options. 

  1. Upload their ID and verification image or by performing a Livescan of their face and their ID. 
  2. Tag your verified Co-Performer during the video upload process.
    • Note: you can only tag other verified members of the Model Program.
  3. Directly send an eSignature link to your Co-Performer, allowing them to quickly and easily verify their ID and digitally sign a Consent and Release form.
  4. Upload an Identification and Release Form package.

We highly recommend providing a signed Consent or Release Form to protect your work. We encourage you to download the Consent Form template available in your core settings, using your own template or using the eSignature option. While keeping records of Consent Release forms for all Performers appearing in your content is mandatory, once signed and dated, it is optional to upload a copy. Please note you must be ready to provide all consent-related documents relating to your content on Pornhub upon request as part of our periodic and standard account and content review procedures.   


Scheduling video posts

When uploading a video, you have the option to post at a date and time of your choosing.

Just choose "Schedule Date" under the dropdown marked "When will this be published," and choose a date, time, and time zone. When scheduling your content in advance, please select a date that is no later than 3 months after you upload your video and no earlier than 12 hours in order to give us time to review your video with our automated scanning tools and team of moderators.

This is super useful if you won't have time to upload and want to line up a bunch of content in advance. 


How long does it take for a video to convert?

Once uploaded, your video can take 24-48 hours to fully convert into all the sizes and formats.

Videos convert in stages. This means you will see your video in SD before it is converted in HD. Once it is finished converting, it will appear on your stream.

Do I need to own the rights to the video?
Yes! You also have to upload one government issue ID for each performer in your videos in order to be eligible for payment (even if their face is not shown in the video). You can check your settings tab to see which performer IDs are already approved as well as upload any missing IDs.
Changing the title of a video?
You can change your video titles and description whenever you want.

Just head to your Video Manager, click on Edit next to the video in section, and update the title (or description, or both!) under the Settings tab.

Translating titles?
You can add translations to your video titles and choose the language of the video right on your upload page. We highly recommend this option as it increases the chance of being found by people around the world. blobid0.jpg


What does it mean to be featured and how do I increase my chances?

Highly rated videos have the best chances of being featured on the front page of Pornhub. 60 Model Program videos are featured daily. Longer, HD videos are more likely to get featured. Features will increase your views and earnings.

The features are selected by an algorithm and are not guaranteed. 

You can also participate in the monthly Viewers' Choice model contest. The top 50 videos get featured on the homepage. 

What content is not allowed in the Pornhub Model Program?

All content submitted to Pornhub must fall under what is considered acceptable as outlined in our Terms and Conditions. In addition to content that does not adhere to our Terms and Conditions, we do not allow duplicate content in the program. Uploading re-cut or duplicate content can result in removal of earnings or disqualify you from the program altogether. 

How can I remove a video from my profile?
In order to remove a video from your profile, go to your Video Manager page and click on the trash can icon beside the video you want to delete. If you're confident you want to delete it, check off the "I understand" box and click on delete video. 
How to rearrange videos

If you'd like to rearrange the order of your videos, head over to your Model page. Click on the tab at the top where it says "Rearrange Videos." This is where you'll be able to change the order of both your paid and free-to-stream videos and decide how you would like them to appear on your profile page. 


Click on the up-and-down arrows and notice how the Order number changes. You could also rearrange your content by clicking the side of the video with the four mini squares and dragging and dropping it wherever you'd like. Once you're done, click Save Changes.


If ever you change your mind and would like to reposition your videos in the original order, simply click Reset. As for your new uploads, they will always appear 1st unless you go in and change their order.


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