Video Categories

Select categories that are relevant and accurate. Select up to four that best represent the most outstanding aspects of your clip. Although targeting your niche(s) is important, it is also a good practice to rotate categories. For example, if you always categorize your videos as ‘Teen’, ‘Big Tits’ and ‘Hardcore’, they will only appear in those pages. By regularly rotating with other relevant categories such as ‘Blonde’, you will be exposing your content to different users.

Something else to keep in mind: Try less common categories in addition to popular ones! Categories such as ‘Teen’, ‘Big-Tits’ and ‘MILF’ are popular, so those pages will change almost daily. By choosing relevant but less popular categories such as ‘Outdoor’, ‘POV’ or ‘Euro’, your clips will appear higher in the results and stay there longer.

If your video is 60 FPS, HD or has pornstars tagged, it will automatically be included in those respective categories in addition to the four you’ve chosen.

*When uploading virtual reality content, be sure to choose “Virtual Reality” as a category in order to gain access to additional VR settings.


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