How to Format Videos

Video Titles

Video titles are meant to provide a short description of your clip. Titles not only allow your videos to appear in relevant search results, but they’re one of the best ways to entice users. Before clicking a video, users want to know what they can expect to see.

Each title can be up to 65 characters long. Concentrate on adding keywords to the title that best describe your video, think of it as a headline or tagline. Although you may think “The more search words, the better!” that is simply not true. Users do not want to be bombarded with keywords in a title. Rather than stating ‘what’ they will see, use the title to describe ‘how’ they will see it. Stuffing titles with keywords will make it look ‘spammy’, and can actually hurt your search rankings.

Add the names of any Pornstars appearing in your video to the title. Pornstar names are highly searched on Pornhub, so including their name(s) will help your video appear more often in search results. Above all, be creative; make your titles enticing, witty or funny so users will be curious enough to click!

Bad: Big Tit Teacher Pornstar Hardcore Sex
Good: Busty School Teacher Capri Cavalli Fucks Big Dick Student During Detention



Video Categories

Select categories that are relevant and accurate. Select up to four that best represent the most outstanding aspects of your clip. Although targeting your niche(s) is important, it is also a good practice to rotate categories. For example, if you always categorize your videos as ‘Teen’, ‘Big Tits’ and ‘Hardcore’, they will only appear in those pages. By regularly rotating with other relevant categories such as ‘Blonde’, you will be exposing your content to different users.

Something else to keep in mind: Try less common categories in addition to popular ones! Categories such as ‘Teen’, ‘Big-Tits’ and ‘MILF’ are popular, so those pages will change almost daily. By choosing relevant but less popular categories such as ‘Outdoor’, ‘POV’ or ‘Euro’, your clips will appear higher in the results and stay there longer.

If your video is 60 FPS, HD or has pornstars tagged, it will automatically be included in those respective categories in addition to the four you’ve chosen.

*When uploading virtual reality content, be sure to choose “Virtual Reality” as a category in order to gain access to additional VR settings.


Video Tags

Tags are words used to describe actions (rimming, scissoring), positions (doggystyle, cowgirl), settings (kitchen, library), objects (dildo, handcuffs) and attributes (petite, trimmed).

Tags help to drive search results. By adding accurate tags, your videos will be exposed to users who are searching for that type of video.

Each video can have up to 16 tag words. Avoid entering tags that have already been chosen as categories, those will automatically be added as tags. Similarly, pornstar names do not need to be tagged in this field as we provide the pornstar tag field for this purpose. See section 2.5 for more info about entering pornstar names.

Suggested tags are associated with the categories you’ve chosen. For example, if you select the ‘Anal’ category, ‘ass-fuck’ will automatically be tagged. However, you can choose to remove any suggested tags you feel do not apply.


Pornstar Tags

Pornstar names are highly searched terms on Pornhub. By including the name of the model that appears in a video, it will be exposed to far more users in both search results and pornstar specific pages.

Each video can include up to 4 pornstar names. As you start to type in the field, a list of matching pornstar names will appear from the Pornhub database.

*Please feel free to contact us if there is a pornstar name you would like to have added to our list.


Video Thumbnails

After uploading a new video, a notification will appear in your profile when thumbnails are ready to be selected. A well-chosen thumbnail will greatly impact the number of views by making videos more appealing for users to click on.

Thumbnails should correspond to the title you have entered and visually represent the story of your video. Make sure the thumb is clear, in focus, colorful, bright and well-framed. You want it to stand out on the home page in order to get the user’s attention.

*Don’t see an appropriate thumbnail to choose from? Hit the “Regenerate” button and a new set of thumbnails will be generated from your video.


Trending Topics

Create and release content themed around trending events. Trending topics drive search trends; ride the wave of popularity/buzz.

Create and publish video content according to a programming calendar (i.e., holidays, major sporting events, political figures, celebrity headlines, etc.).

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