Video Thumbnails

After uploading a new video, a notification will appear in your profile when thumbnails are ready to be selected. A well-chosen thumbnail will greatly impact the number of views by making videos more appealing for users to click on.

Video Thumbnail Rules That are NOT Permitted 

  • Any text, Logos or superimposed images cannot be larger than 1/3 of the thumbnail.
  • Do not add text that is unrelated to the video. Text must describe the actions, persons or themes displayed in the video.
  • Actions portrayed in the thumbnail MUST appear in the video. Ex. If it shows a blowjob, there should be a blowjob scene in the video.
  • Fake or deceptive elements like brand colors on text, play buttons, arrows or words such as "top video", "recommended" or "most viewed" 
  • As of May 2022 we no longer allow borders on thumbnails 

Specialty Thumbnail Rules That ARE Permitted:

  • Promo Shots; An image that doesn’t necessarily happen in the video, but was taken to promote the video. Think, girl’s surprised face at huge penis or a large guy standing next to tiny girl to demonstrate contrast.
  • Compositions; a collage of multiple parts of the video. Same rules from above will apply.

Thumbnails should correspond to the title you have entered and visually represent the story of your video. Make sure the thumb is clear, in focus, colorful, bright and well-framed. You want it to stand out on the home page in order to get the user’s attention while respecting all rules mentioned above

*Don’t see an appropriate thumbnail to choose from? Hit the “Regenerate” button and a new set of thumbnails will be generated from your video.


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