Upcoming Modelhub Features

We’re always working on new tools and features to help you succeed.

Here’s just a small taste of what we have coming up for you:




Social Media Automation

Social media is an essential promotion tool for any business. That’s why we’re building you automatic tools to tweet when you get a new purchase or upload a new video. Even more options coming shortly thereafter.


Video Sorting (On Model Profile Page on Modelhub)

Your fans will have improved sorting tools, which will help them find the exact video they wanna buy.

Video Manager Upgrades

We’re building advanced tools for your video manager to help you filter and sort your content, and improving the range of stats and metrics you’ll see. You’ll also be able to create coupon codes, and give a specific user free access to a paid video (if you want to!)

Modelhub Rank

We’re implementing a full Modelhub ranking system, so you’ll have a better idea of how your content is performing.

Modelhub Stats

Expect lots of detailed metrics like video views, ranking, revenue, and tons more.

Merchandise stores

Very soon you'll be able to sell merchandise on Modelhub. That can be anything from a t-shirt, to used panties, to homemade brownies - if it's legal, you can sell it on Modelhub. 

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