Selling videos on Pornhub

Sweet. You're signed up for Pornhub and you've monetized your videos on there already.

Now, how do you make even more money from your videos?

Easy - sell videos to your fans. Here's how it works:


Choose Upload from the Pornhub header:



Upload your video, and choose "For Sale" as the Privacy Setting:



Choose your price. (between $1 and $150 USD)



Choose whether it's viewable on Premium or not. If you check this box, your video will be viewable by all Pornhub Premium members, whether they bought the clip or not, and you'll be eligible for Premium Viewshare revenue. Viewshare pays out a monthly rate per thousand views on your content and that rate is based on the program's performance in that particular month.

Premium Viewshare will become available closer to the public launch of our video selling platform.


That's it! You're done. Once our video-on-demand platform officially launches to the public, we'll start sending traffic to your profile.


What else? 

You can change your videos from For Sale to Free at any time. Remember that your Free videos will still earn ad revenue from free viewers on Pornhub. 

Soon, you'll also be able to set a per-download price for all your Free videos.

4K uploads are fully supported.


Compliance rules are a bit different. 

When selling your videos, the rules are a little bit different. Make sure that none of your vids will get taken down, by checking out the rules and regulations.

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