So… what is Modelhub, and how does it work? 

Modelhub is an all-new clip site, designed for models from the ground up, powered by Pornhub.

That means you can now sell your content directly from your Pornhub account.

Since Modelhub is fully integrated, you will use the Pornhub account you already have.

To start making money on Modelhub, you have a couple of options:

  1. Upload new videos to Modelhub, available for purchase only (no free streaming)
  2. The content you have for sale on Modelhub can also appear on Pornhub Premium for a higher RPM than the usual Model Program rate 
  3. Set a price to charge for downloads on any of your free content that’s currently on Pornhub
  4. Switch your Modelhub videos to free at any time to start earning the regular Model Program rate 

And here’s what’s coming soon:

  1. Sell merch and physical goods
  2. Sell subscriptions to your content
  3. Take custom clip requests
  4. Promotion and social media tools

What’s even better than that? Get started today and you will get a bonus rate for the first three months post launch:  85% payouts (100% payouts, minus 15% for processing fees) 

After the first three months, the payout will be 65% moving forward.

Modelhub also supports 4K uploads, so get your best stuff out there.

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