Achievement Awards




Being a part of the Model Payment Program lets you be as creative as you want and be in charge of your own content.

This includes interacting with your fans and uploading as frequently as you like.

We know how much work goes into each model's content, so we've created an extra-special award for those amongst you who have really outdone yourselves -- our very own Model Achievement Awards!

Once a month, our team reviews all accounts that have hit their special milestones and customize their Achievement Award prizes. 




When you have reached 50,000 subscribers, you will receive a Pornhub Varsity Jacket, along with two 50k Subscribers embroidered patches - one for your jacket, and one for anything else you like.

When you have reached 100,000 subscribers, you will receive a personalized Pornhub Bronze Plaque, along with two 100k Subscribers patches.

When you have reached 200,000 subscribers, you will receive a personalized Pornhub Silver Plaque, along with two 200k Subscribers patches.

When you have reached 500,000 subscribers, you will receive a personalized Pornhub Gold Plaque, along with two 500k Subscribers patches.



Once a month we will review all accounts* and reach out to any users who have hit a new milestone to confirm their shipping address and information.

The awards are fully customized and do take time to create and ship out.

Feel free to take a picture with your awards when you receive them!

Upload them to twitter and tag @PornhubModels and use the hashtag #PornhubAchievement for a retweet!

 *We will review each account to make sure the milestone was hit without breaking any of our rules or terms. We will also verify that each candidate has a minimum of 20 active videos on their account.         


Models who achieve these milestones will be notified by the Pornhub Support team. A pop-up will appear on their account with instructions on who to contact and what they will need to email back in order to receive the award. 


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