Ad dimensions and specs

The Pornhub Content Partner Program offers several free ads to send traffic to your sites: Text Links, Watermarks, Channel ads, Underplayer ads as well as a mobile ads for the ever increasing number of mobile users.

Below you will find the ad specification as well as a break down of where every one of your ads can be found.

The Video Underplayer (770 x 76 px) appears on the video page underneath your video. This ad needs to be branded and cannot be animated.

On the same page you will also find the textlink. This is a text based ad (50 characters max) that is displayed above your video.

With the ever growing number of mobile users, we serve specific mobile ads to users viewing Pornhub on their mobile devices. On your video page you will find your mobile underplayer (305 x 99 px) underneath your video.
We Ask for a mobile text link (30 characters max) but it will only display if the user is viewing your video on a device that cannot load images.
On your channel page, you will find multiple ads. The cover (header) and the Avatar (logo) can be found at the top of the page. Be mindful of the header design. Make sure the avatar will not be covering any important information.
Your mobile channel page is similar to the desktop version, displaying a scaled version of both your cover photo and avatar. In addition to this, you will also get a Mobile Channel Header (305 x 99 px) 

Here is a breakdown of all the items we need in order to complete a full channel setup. For a new channel or if you're a new user looking to get a channel started, please send the full set of items to

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