How do I add an additional performer?

When you are working with others, whether performers or producers you must always take all necessary actions to protect both yourself and your content. We strongly recommend you use the legal form below to avoid any future problems that may arise and keep the original copy for your records. We also suggest obtaining one piece of photo ID from each additional performer who appears in your videos.

When submitting IDs, please submit signed high-res images or scans of a photo ID for each performer.

Any additional models are recommended to fill out a Co-Performer Agreement and submit one government-issued ID.

You can do this in your settings tab.

The ID must be a government-issued photo ID which indicates the model's date of birth. 

Examples for ID

  • Driver's license
  • Passport
  • Proof of age card
  • Health card
  • State ID
  • Uniformed services ID

If there are any concerns or issues with your account, we may reach out via email to ask for a copy of the ID or Co-Performer Agreement.


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    Pierre Viau

    Ok i understand how to do it for a new model but if if a model already on PORN HUB how do i join her to me or me to her ???


    2ND do i have link to send to someone new if she want to souscribe to PORN HUB amd becaome a model :)



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    Princess Lily

    Do additional models get paid individually, or just the uploader of the video?

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    Pierre Viau

    Hello Princess Lily everyone get paid individually we just had to be primary model and you secondary with me and the samething on the other side your the primary model on your account and me the secondary model on your account so we can upload video me and you and get paid imdividually together so if you want become my friend my nick is amant_de_classe i'm from Laval so hope we can do video together :)

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