How to Upload Videos


Uploading content to Pornhub is easy!

  • Click on the upload button (next to the search bar on desktop)
  • Choose a video to upload
  • Give your content good metadata
  • Verify that you're in the video (A). The account holder must be present in the video in order to monetize from it. 


Choose your Privacy Setting (B) - this will determine whether your video is hidden from the public (Private), free-to-view with ad revenue earnings (Public), can only be accessed with the direct link (Unlisted), or available for sale on Modelhub (For Sale). Note that Private videos can be viewed by anyone on your friends list.

When you choose For Sale, you'll have the option to enter a price. Prices must be between $0.99 and $150.00. Once you choose this option, the video will be automatically added to your Modelhub profile. If you don't have one yet, uploading a video for sale will create the page for you. 

We recommend uploading on a desktop to avoid connection timeouts.

Make sure you that you stay on the upload page until you see the notification indicating that your video has been uploaded successfully (C)! 

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