Understanding your earnings tab


In your earnings tab, you can see the following information:

Date: The month for which this information applies

Free Videos: Your total number of free-to-view videos that made money that month

Free Video EarningsYour total earnings from free videos for the month

Viewshare Videos: Your total number of Premium Viewshare videos that made money that month

Viewshare Video Earnings: Your total earnings from Premium Viewshare videos for the month

Modelhub VideosYour total number of for-sale videos on Modelhub that had sales that month

Modelhub Video Earnings: Your total earnings from Modelhub sales for the month

Other Earnings: Any money you've earned from other sources, like contest prizes or referral bonuses

Total Month Earnings: Total earnings from all sources for the month

Total All-Time Earnings: Total earnings from all sources, all-time


Last Payout : The total amount of your last payment 

Date Processed: The date your last payment was processed 

Pending Payout: The payment that is currently being sent to you (will only appear when there is a payment processing)

Current Balance: The pending balance you have in your account (not including any payment that is currently being processed) 



Modelhub Earnings

There's also a new section for your Modelhub earnings, separated into the following sections:

Daily Sales - All your sales from the current day

Monthly Sales - Total sales from the current month, broken down into Video Sales and Tips

Sold Services - A full list of what you sold, and who bought it (including tips)

Payout History - Just like it says - a full list of your Modelhub payouts



Processing Times

Paxum - Deposited during the second or third week of the month

Check - Delivered between the third and fourth week of the month

Direct Deposit (US and Canadian models only) - Deposited during the second or third week of the month

Verge - Deposited during the second or third week of the month


Please note: Pending earnings are an estimate and can change day-to-day.

Earnings are recalculated daily, so check back often to see your progress!

*Direct Deposit is only available at this time to users located in the United States and Canada. 

**Earnings are not final and may be adjusted prior to payments. Viewshare earnings for the current month are estimated based on last month's rate and are guaranteed to fluctuate once the rate is finalized.
***Once you receive your first payment in the Model Program, you will be able to refer other users and receive bonuses!

****The video count includes only videos that have earnings for that month.

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