Understanding your earnings tab

In your earnings tab, you can see the following information:

PH New Videos: Earnings made this month on new videos on Pornhub

YP New VideosEarnings made this month on new videos exported to Youporn

New Videos: Number of videos you have uploaded to Pornhub this month

PH All Videos: Earnings accumulated this month on all videos uploaded to Pornhub (previous + current month uploads + any prize money won) 

YP All Videos: Earnings accumulated this month on all videos exported to Youporn (previous + current month exports) 

All Videos: Number of videos eligible for earnings in the program

Total All Time Earnings: Total earnings that you have accumulated to date

Once you see that your payment is processing, please allow 1-2 weeks (if check) or 2 days (if Paxum or PayPal) for the payment to be delivered.

*Pending earnings are an estimate and can change day-to-day.

Earnings are recalculated daily, so check back often to see your progress!

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    If a video makes 300,000 views how much will I be paid ?

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    fredd seals

    In what range of views do I need to make my first hundred dollars ?

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