What type of emails will I receive?

You will receive an email once your verification image has been processed. You can also check your verification status in your Model Settings Tab.

Once you are verified you will have a blue verification check mark next to your username on your profile. It will also appear next to your videos (if you verify them during the upload process).

Here are some examples of the emails you may receive:

Accepted Verification

Subject: Congrats! You're now a verified member

Hello JanedoeXXX,

Congratulations! Your verification image has been approved! You will now see the verified badge on your Profile page and avatar.

Remember to verify that you are in your video during the upload process!

Best regards,

Pornhub Model Program

Rejected Verification

Subject: Your Verification application requires attention!

Hello JanedoeXXX,

There was an issue with your Verification image!

The image was rejected due to the fact that it is there is no username or written.

Please upload a new image via the verification image uploader. 

Best regards,
Pornhub Model Program

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