What NOT to do

  • Don't spam users with video links or copy-pasted messages in the comment section or in direct messages. This might trigger our spam filters!
  • Posting your cam links is fine, but please don't overdo it!
  • Quality over quantity! Posting a bunch of short clips won't help you as much as posting a few longer, high-quality videos will. 
  • Don't upload content that you do not have the rights to. This will lead to content removal, withheld earnings, and banning.
  • Don't harass other users!
  • Tagging/titling/categorizing videos incorrectly can lead to a loss of earnings. For more information check out our blog.
  • Do not post duplicate videos or multiple cuts of the same scene. Doing so will result in a warning and multiple infringements can lead to being banned from the program. 
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