What type of emails will I receive?

You will receive an email for each accepted or rejected Amateur Model Agreement.


Here are what the emails will look like:


Accepted Additional Model Agreement 

Subject: Your additional model agreement is complete

Hello JanedoeXXX,

Your new model agreement for John Doe has been accepted!

Please remember to fill out an Additional Model Agreement for every performer who appears in your videos.

Failure to submit an agreement may result in your payments being withheld.

For tips and how to’s, please check our FAQ page.

Best regards,
Pornhub Model Program

Rejected Model Agreement (Primary or Additional)

Subject: Your model agreement requires attention!

Hello JanedoeXXX,

There was an issue with your Model Application!

The ID for Jane Doe were rejected due to fact they are duplicated.

Please send us an updated copy of the ID to

Make sure to include the following in the email

- Your username
- The performers Legal Name associated to the ID
- Attached hi-res images or scans of the ID

Best regards,
Pornhub Model Program


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