Metadata: Making Your Content Stand Out


Metadata affects how your content will perform. Descriptive titles, accurate categories, and niche-specific tags are very important!  

How to Write a Good Title

  • A title should describe the action, performer and (if it's interesting) the location.
  • You want to entice the users to click and see what is described.
  • If you include actions in the title that do not appear in the video, users are more likely to give your content a negative rating!
  • Don't make the title too long, as users will lose interest.
  • Be creative!

Good Tags vs Bad Tags 

  • Use tags that describe the video, performers, fetish/kink (if applicable), and action.
  • Don't tag actions/things that are not present in the video as this will lead users to give you a bad rating (ex: if you use the tag 'anal', it has to be an anal scene). 
  • Tag what makes your video stand out! Was it an amazing blowjob scene? A first time anal scene? Show it off in the tags!


  • Using popular categories to classify your videos on the site will help your content perform better, but beware, as misuse of categories can contribute to a low rating overall.
  • You can add up to 8 categories per video. More auto categories can be added afterward. 
  • Try to use popular categories as well as niche-specific ones to ensure your content is visible to the right fans.

Thumbnail Image

  • Choose a thumbnail that is clear and shows sexy, enticing action.
  • Sexy thumbnail images are more likely to get clicked, which will increase your view count and speed up the feature process.
  • You can change the thumbnail of your videos in your Video Manager.
  • You also have the option to create and upload a custom thumbnail to your for-sale Modelhub videos. It must be a frame from the video or a photo taken from the set during production.

Action Tags

  • Once your video is done converting, you can action tag it!
  • Action tags are action specific tags that are time stamped, which will help users get to the action they want to see. Watch a video that has action tags to see how it works.
  • You can action tag your content in your Video Manager.

*All video titles, categories, and tags need to be accurate and representative of the content in all cases. Repeat infringements of misused metadata may result in removal of earnings.

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