Video Tags


Tags are words used to describe actions (rimming, scissoring), positions (doggystyle, cowgirl), settings (kitchen, library), objects (dildo, handcuffs) and attributes (petite, trimmed).

Tags help to drive search results. By adding accurate tags, your videos will be exposed to users who are searching for that type of video.

Each video can have up to 16 tag words. Avoid entering tags that have already been chosen as categories, those will automatically be added as tags. Similarly, pornstar names do not need to be tagged in this field as we provide the pornstar tag field for this purpose. See section 2.5 for more info about entering pornstar names.

Suggested tags are associated with the categories you’ve chosen. For example, if you select the ‘Anal’ category, ‘ass-fuck’ will automatically be tagged. However, you can choose to remove any suggested tags you feel do not apply.


Pornstar Tags

Pornstar names are highly searched terms on Pornhub. By including the name of the model that appears in a video, it will be exposed to far more users in both search results and pornstar specific pages.

Each video can include up to 4 pornstar names. As you start to type in the field, a list of matching pornstar names will appear from the Pornhub database.

*Please feel free to contact us if there is a pornstar name you would like to have added to our list.


Action Tags

Action Tags are indicators you can add  to your video’s player bar to help users get to their favorite parts easily. These indicators tag significant events or “actions” in your video; eg. Blowjob, Anal, Cumshot etc.

Once the video has been uploaded and has successfully converted, you will find all your uploaded videos on the ‘Video Manager’ page. Click on the ‘Add Action Tag’ and play the video. When the action starts, choose the correct tag and click “Add”. Continue the video and repeat as needed.


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