Exclusivity and Protecting your Content!


Nothing is worse than seeing your content on other sites if you're not getting paid for it!

In order to ensure that every view that your work receives is being monetized, we are offering a new feature for our Pornhub Models.

You can now opt in to be exclusive to the Pornhub Network in order to help protect your content from being uploaded to other websites! Being an exclusive Pornhub model also comes with an extra 5% payout on all your free videos.

By opting in to be exclusive, Pornhub will in turn send out DMCA takedowns on your behalf. We'll protect both your free and for-sale content, but the extra 5% revenue applies only to free content.

Your content will also appear in the Exclusive Category on Pornhub.




The Opt-in will look as follows and will appear in your Model settings page, under your selected payment method. You will also see a pop up when you log into your account.

I understand that I retain control and legitimate ownership rights in all of the content that I have uploaded to Pornhub or will in the future upload to Pornhub (the “Content”) and confirm my agreement to add my Content to the “Exclusive” category on Pornhub, for which I will receive a 5% bonus on ad revenues. I understand that the 5% bonus on ad revenues does not apply to paid videos. I also understand that I can request to have my Content removed from Pornhub at any time. I understand and agree that I cannot upload or make available the Content on any website or online platform on which content is made available for free or without a subscription payment. 

By uploading Content to Pornhub, I agree to authorize Pornhub to act on my behalf in connection with all instances of enforcement of copyrights in my Content, including issuing notices of claimed infringement or “takedown notices” to other websites on my behalf. I also agree to authorize Pornhub to fingerprint my Content on fingerprinting services to prevent its uploading to any website or online platform on which content is made available free or without a subscription payment or to identify and remove my Content from such platforms. Pornhub may exercise this authority granted by me at its own option where Pornhub discovers instances of infringement in the copyright of my Content. Neither Pornhub nor any of its agents accepts any liability that may arise from exercising those rights and I agree to hold Pornhub and its agents harmless from all claims arising out of or related to Pornhub’s exercise of such authority. 



All your videos that you have uploaded to Pornhub will be protected from appearing on other free sites. This means that if your video is uploaded to a free site somewhere else, Pornhub will issue a takedown notice on your behalf.

If you ever want to upload to other free sites, you'll need to opt-out of copyright protection and extra money.

You can still upload your content to Pornhub and your own websites, or paysites, and Pornhub will never issue takedowns for that content. This is to keep your content off of free sites only.

Auto-exports to Pornhub network sites will be unaffected as they are a part of the Pornhub Network.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

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